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Protection of medical protective clothing

Liquid barrier property means that medical protective clothing should be able to prevent the penetration of liquids such as water, blood, alcohol, etc., and have a hydrophobicity of level 4 or higher to avoid staining clothes and the human body. Avoid transmitting the virus carried by the patient’s blood, body fluids and other secretions to medical staff during the operation.
Microbial barrier properties include barriers to bacteria and viruses. The barrier to bacteria is mainly to prevent the contact transmission (and reverse transmission) of medical staff to the patient's surgical wound during the operation. The barrier to the virus is mainly to prevent medical staff from contacting the blood and body fluids of patients, and the viruses carried in them can cause cross-infection between doctors and patients.

The barrier property of particulate matter refers to the prevention of airborne viruses from being inhaled in the form of aerosol or attached to the skin surface and absorbed by the body.