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Medical Protective Clothing

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Fealter® Medical Protective Clothingy. Medical Protective Clothing Used for general isolation in outpatient department,ward and examinatlon room,etc.

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Product Description

You can rest assured to buy Fealter® Medical Protective Clothing from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Product name: Fealter® Medical Protective Clothing
Product numder:8010101
lntended use:Used for general isolation in outpatient department,ward and examinatlon room,etc.
Product description:The material is made of 60% PP+40%PE non-woven fabnc.The material has the characteristics Of water resistance,blood permeatlon resistance alcohol permeation resistance,high breaking strength no peculiar smell, has the function Of common isolation.
Accordingt to your figure,choosing a suitable size Of isolation gown to ensure there is enough space for convenient work



Sleeve length
Foot mouth
165     120 84 18 24
169 125 86 18
173 130 90 18 24
178 135 93 18
181 140 96 18 24
185/XXXL 188 145 99 18


Implementation standard number EN14126: 2003+ ACI2004 
Storage: It should be stored in a dry, ventilated and non-corrosive environment, away from fire and inflammables
1. Please strictly follow the usage and usage restrictions of this product when using it. Users should judge whether this product is suitable for specific occasions. If the usage exceeds the usage and usage restrictions of this product, we do not make any guarantee or assume any responsibility related to this.
2.Please avoid direct sunlight. 
3.This product melts at 135 degrees Celsius. Please pay attention to keep away from open flames and heat sources when using it 
4. Not washing, washing will affect the protective effect. 
5. Do not iron, machine wash or dry clean.
6.This product is for one-time use. Please dispose it property according to relevant national regulations on pollutant disposal after use Manufacturer: Ningbo Snowwolf Outdoor Apparel Co.. Ltd
Manufacturer : Ningbo Snowwolf Outdoor Apparel Co ., Ltd . 
Address : Gao Qiao Village , Gao Qiao Town , Haishu District , Ningbo City , Zhejiang Province . China
Date of production:See quality certificate for details.
Product validity:Single use,non-sterile,storage pperiod is 3 years.
The instruction was written on April 8th,2020.
Please read the instructions before use.

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