Disposable PE Gloves
  • Disposable PE GlovesDisposable PE Gloves
  • Disposable PE GlovesDisposable PE Gloves
  • Disposable PE GlovesDisposable PE Gloves

Disposable PE Gloves

Disposable PE Gloves are made of raw material such as PE, mixed in a certain proportion, and made by impregnating and baking with porcelain hand model. No microbial pollution, no impurities, no leakage, isolation pollution, prevent cross infection, can be used with confidence.

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Product Description

Disposable PE GLOVES

1.Disposable PE GLOVES Weight ( 0.6-0.8g ) of each, color: transparent ( white ), or according to customer requirements color: blue, yellow, and green ( color can be customized ). Embossing: smooth, bright color, transparent, uniform thickness, wear convenient, comfortable. Wearing a soft, flexible operation, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance.

2、applicable to housework, catering, hairdressing, food, electronics, electronic clean room, Stars Hotel, factories and other industries, can also be used for washing hair coloring, nursing.

3、Disposable PE GLOVES main structure, properties of polyethylene ( PE ) material.

4、the use of gloves, not wearing a ring or other decorations, and the nail trimming smooth, regardless of left and right hand wear, please select my hand type standard gloves.

5、breakage of packing, prohibited the use of;this product is used only once, after the destruction;this product should be stored in relative humidity of not more than 80%, and no corrosive substances erosion, good ventilation indoors.[ storage ] to avoid light, sealed, keep in a cool, dry place.

Wear tips:

1.Before wearing, please trim your nails, too long or sharp nails can easily damage the gloves.

2.Before wearing, please wear it on the belly of your fingers to avoid gloves falling off.

3.When taking off the gloves, turn up the gloves on the wrist, and then remove the gloves.

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