Disposable Non-Woven Medical Cap
  • Disposable Non-Woven Medical CapDisposable Non-Woven Medical Cap

Disposable Non-Woven Medical Cap

You can rest assured to buy customized Fealter® Disposable Non-Woven Medical Cap from us. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time! Disposable Non-Woven Medical Cap are made of thin non-woven fabrics. They are divided into ordinary and disinfected grades according to the disinfection of the product. It can be used in electronics manufacturing, dust-free workshops, catering services, food processing, schools, motorcycles, spray processing, stamping hardware, hospitals, handicrafts, hospitals, beauty, pharmaceuticals, factories, environmental cleaning, public places, etc.

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Product Description

You can rest assured to buy Fealter® Disposable Non-Woven Medical Cap from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Disposable Non-Woven Medical Cap

       Product name: Fealter® Disposable Non-Woven Medical Cap

       Intended use: Used for general isolation in outpatient department, ward and

examination room , etc.

       Product description: The material is made of 100% polyester fiber + TPU film. The

material has good barrier property, water resistance , blood permeation, alcohol permeation resistance, no peculiar smell and other characteristics, can effectively block the penetration of body fluids, air dust particles and microorganisms, is safe and convenient to use, can effectively protect the wearer from infection threats. Non-sterile, disposable. The back cap is fitted with tightness at the

circumference, suitable for various head types.

       Enterprise Implementation Standard Number: Q/NBXL 012-2020

       Storage: It should be stored in a dry, ventilated and non-corrosive environment, away

from fire sources and inflammables.

       Precautions: 1.Please strictly follow the usage and usage restrictions of this product

when using it. Users should judge whether this product is suitable for specific occasions. If the usage exceeds the usage and usage restrictions of this product, we do not make any guarantee or assume any responsibility related to this.

2.      Please avoid direct sunlight.

3.      This product melts at 135 degrees Celsius. Please pay attention to keep away from open flames and heat sources when using it.

4.      Not washing, washing will affect the protective effect.

5.      Do not iron, machine wash or dry clean.

6.      This product is for one-time use. Please dispose it properly according to relevant national regulations on pollutant disposal after use.

       Date of production: See quality certificate for details.

       Product validity: Single use, non-sterile, storage period is 3 years.

       Please read the instructions before use.

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